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Jesterdaze's GameMaker Pages

This is my little place on the Internet for GameMaker related stuff.

GameMaker was written (and is being maintained by) Mark Overmars, and can be found on http://www.gamenaker.nl.

GameMaker is a neat little tool for building primarily graphically oriented games (although it can be used for building in principle any kind of program, at least as long as you do not expect it to use standard windows GUI) . It is free (although by registering for a small fee you can get access to additional functionality), and actually in my view a very good way of getting into programming in general, and games programming in particular. GameMaker is very rewarding in that even the most impatient is likely to see seom concrete results before getting bored.

Expect to see some examples, advice, pointers and links, and sporadic and inconsistent presence from me.

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