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GameMaker Forums
GameMaker Forums


About The GameMaker Forums.

As for many, many topics, forums are great sources of knowledge, the GameMaker forum is an excellent place to find and share informaton about GameMaker. A lot of quite good programmers hang around there, and many are very helpful if you ask for help in the right way.

To get you going on the forums, there are however a few things worth thinking about. This is my highhly personal opinion, so don't tell me it's wrong if you think differently. It's just that your personal opinion is different :-)

  • Read the forum rules. No matter what you think, the owner of the forum has set the rules, and you are supposed to follow them. And rule number one is to read the rules

  • Be polite and friendly. It will always help you in the end

  • Don't pretend to be more expert than you are. People knowing  a little more than you will give you too complex answers because they think ou know more than you do. People knowing a lot more than you will look through your bullshit, and think you are silly. It won't help you getting any help

  • If you ask a question, and someone gives you an answer you think is not the answer to your question, always assume it is your question that is wrong. Yelling at people trying to help is no good idea

  • If you do not understand an answer, it is relatively likely that it has to do with the question you asked. Be clear, and don't leave it up to the reader to figure out what you mean. After all, it is you asking for help

  • Regardless whether you are asking for help, or if you try to help someone, try to be clear, and don't assume the other guys are mindreaders

  • There are many ways to write a post in a forum, and a few basics can help you increase the chance of getting an answer

  • Use a descriptive heading. "Help needed", or "Can this be done?" is nonsense, uninteresting, and will not draw the attention of those who might have the skills to answer

  • Be clear on what our problem is. "I cannot make my character shoot, what is wrong?" is not a question that can be answered. If the first post is useless, it is likely that followups will be ignored

  • Ifyou provide code snippets, try to use clean, indented code, with reasonable variable names, etc.

  • Post in the right group. If you are a newcomer, try to understand that what you think is advanced may be trivial to others. Very likely, your questions belong in the Novice questions group.

ANd finally, remeber that these are just my opinions. I don't set the rules, neither do I control how others will react to your behaviour. I just speak from experience (mostly from other forums, actually)

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